Nov 28

Genebaldo Exactly

Cndida was young formosa that nor seemed from there, Gallego of meat, appetizing lips exactly, owner of a primoroso bust, one pale rose making until seeming that the sun had pleasure in touching it, made therefore it softly not to disarrange that one ' rose – mulher' of the chests of Cndida. Nobody, but nobody exactly has to say that Cndida, although what occurred, she was not young cautious. Pure. Also nobody, but nobody exactly has to deny that the meat attracts the meat, and when the same one is good it raises the desire. It was as soon as happened. Nobody knows as, the only thing that if can guarantee is that effectively it happened.

More or less five years before the fact atarracado man arrived that way, in coarse ways, saying that he buys the four land tasks directly of the children of Genebaldo that falecera little has more than month, even so such children, has more than fifteen years did not visit it, as well as they had not visited the mother that before dies six or seven years, leaving widower the old Genebaldo that after all were, alone and without nobody. The man arrived and was. One set to work it, he planted maize and beans. He planted jerimum and watermelon, but never he combined himself with the people of the village who exactly without instruction was educated people very and of good nature. Hospitable. They had spoken after the fact, that had known nobody knows as, that the man was criminal, and is for the Village of the Saint, to only hide itself of the relatives of its victim whom they wanted for fine force to avenge itself of the same. But they had only said this after the fact, before nobody commented swims. There exactly in the Village, together with Cndida Antonia, one grows moreninha mirrada, that when unclasped, took forms of fogosa, ancas wide, parideira woman, seios satiated, and that immediately afterwards it was to live in the city.