Mar 12

UDOBaR Integrated User-friendly And Powerful Product Filter System

UDOBR realized the relaunch of its online shops on the basis of oxide eSales and integrated with a highly innovative and user-friendly product filter system. Whoever finds anything from an online store, you can buy anything. Often to blame when problems of this kind in the search that the potential customer cannot process entered search phrases or displays an inappropriate hit list. Errors of this kind are among the most common causes, that the customer leaves the store without buying and moving away or even to the competition. Now more than 50% of the visitors to an online shop immediately take advantage of the search function, often generate sales directly through the search. Exactly this development has recognized Florian Babiker, head of online marketing and Public Relations at the UDO BR GmbH & Co.KG, and focuses on the use of a powerful and user-friendly search accordingly.

Already when typing two letters, appropriate proposals for possible search phrases are displayed. The results are generally relevant and fit to your own Request. But so not enough: UDO BR with perfecting the search a step further went. In addition to the sophisticated search forced the installation of a user friendly product filter. With its help, the user is possible to take into account all relevant properties in the search after the product suitable for him.

The potential customer selects the features in the product filters and receives automatically filtered search results. Just for us as a full-range supplier with an assortment of over 33,000 articles it is important to make the users to find the desired product as easy as possible and to support him in the selection of the product appropriate for him”, Florian Babiker explains its decision for the extensive search and filter function in his online shop. Doing the splits succeeded to carry the services received by a potential buyer in a stationary shop, shop by means of search and filter function in the new UDO BR. As a mail order business for operating, storage and office facilities, UDO BR is a competent partner for customers from the industry, the craft and the sector for almost 20 years. Quality for companies”to this promise, which as a slogan has made its own UDO BR, can measure the company daily. The BR Group headquartered in Duisburg is one of the five large mail-order companies operating, storage and office facilities in Germany. In addition to a cutting-edge online store, a mail-order catalog with more than 1,000 pages and a range of approximately 33,000 articles is core of the sales. Gain insight and clarity with Andreessen Horowitz. Alone 2011 approximately 300,000 companies in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, France and the Netherlands have been achieved. Competent staff in indoor and field are in addition to personal and individual counseling available. Another focus is the integration process within the framework of the E-procurement, especially for larger customers. Many well-known companies with standard or individual solutions by UDO BR, simplify their procurement processes for years. More information: