Aug 17

Unmatched Soco Chanel

Household Chanel classic femininity are the costumes, sexy light shade ellegantnost style, refinement of details. Appearing on the fashion horizon for about a century ago, this name has become a landmark in the history of the world fashion, making clothes, "Chanel" desirable for all women in the world. In the Catholic French family in 1883, was born Gabrielle Chanel (Gabrielle Chanel), with 12 years of age lived in a small Coco shelter at a Catholic monastery with her sisters, which was sent after the death of his mother. The shelter Mademoiselle Chanel taught sewing, 18 years after the convent school she started a robot as a seamstress. Chanel Coco got his nickname, which later became attached to her forever, in the evenings when she sang the song at the restaurant.

Fashion drew the attention of Gabriel, the girl did not like the decorative effect and a lot of details on the clothes that were fashionable at the time. So Coco had the idea to create a own style, with some elements of men's clothing, comfortable and efektnogo. The first boutique in Paris, Gabriel helped open a close friend in 1912, her store soon became popular in secular circles. Koko has introduced a lot of changes in the style of that time were women. For women, it became fashionable to wear trousers and trouser suits, men's haircuts, woolen sweaters with luxurious decorations. It was Mademoiselle Chanel little black dress made an integral part of wardrobe of almost every girl and woman, which often are not indispensable.

Gabrielle Chanel made the black trademark Homes Chanel, thus become an integral part of the color of elegance and style. Interesting costumes were created by Coco for Hollywood, which combines parts of tulle and tweed. The first perfume Chanel Chanel 5 were published in 1922. Such perfume world has ever seen! In addition to his most famous fragrance, which in a refined form of the bottle passed the subtlety and elegance of the scent, Chanel perfume line also boasts many fine fragrances that constantly confirm the quality and professionalism of the brand Chanel, such include Chanel Chance, Chanel Allure, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel worthy successor to the direction of encirclement whose intuition and creativity matched with the vision of Coco, was headed home after the death of Mademoiselle Chanel Gabrielle Chanel. All Chanel Fashion House collection is a modernized classic example of elegance and style.