Oct 07

Oil Dependence

However it covets, it for always wanting more, it can take the ambient degradaes and impacts with emission of pollutants in the atmosphere, mainly the calls effect gases greenhouse (GEE). Then, to unite economic and ambient growth is the main focus of this process, diverse alternative sources of energy can be detached, as biomass, the etanis, solar energy, of aeolian and among others the sources you renewed. The great difficulty for the ample use of the solar energy is the cost, since they are more expensive than the gotten one of the oil. But she is necessary to give time, meanwhile the governments invest in the known energies since they cannot run the risk to suffer ' ' apages' ' – collapse in the supply of electric energy that reached Brazil in 2001. The energy consumption has taken to the quarrel on the scarce future next to goods favorable to the survival human being, and the recurrence the energy alternatives you renewed raises controversy.

With respect to dependence to the oil, ' ' acomodao' ' social global in generalized way, it will result later in a convulsion in search of precious ' ' Ouro Preto ' '. In the distance in the relation society-nature it will be each bigger time if it will not have measured immediate to the ambient solutions. Thus, one concludes that the strong interdependent linking between society and energy generates development in the socioeconmicas structures. But it is important to remember the negative and positive factors regarding such development. However, borders to be expanded and others exist to be reduced, helping to coexist it us. These serve as indicating of the future for which the humanity walks. It only remains to know us to interpret them and to act as necessary either expanding or moderating, but always in change for what he is better. At last, ' ' As the productive factors they are scarce and the necessities limitless human beings, the agent economic need to decide where to apply the resources preferential disponveis' '.