Oct 13

National Politics Environment

In a context of ambient crisis, each more necessary time becomes the insertion of the ambient dimension in practical educative and the miditicas ones that aims at the recycling of garbage or rubbish in the direction of the reaproveitamento of materials in the civil construction. The responsibility of the human being stops with the environment is inigualvel, therefore, it is the only one that he can intervene maleficently of beneficial form or on the same. The book ' ' Silenciosa&#039 spring; ' writing in 1962 for Rachel Carson, already alerted on the harmful effect of innumerable actions human beings on the environment. what we can understand for environment? It has a diversity of definitions for the term environment, as n 6,938/81 makes use the Law, on the National Politics of Environment that defines it ' ' Set of conditions, laws, influences and interactions of physical, chemical and biological order that allows, shelters and conducts the life in all its formas' ' (MMA, 2008). Reigota (1994, p.21) defines as ' ' … a place definitive and/or perceived where they are in dynamic relations and constant interaction the natural aspects and sociais' '. For the author these relations cause historical processes of cultural and technological creation and processes and politicians of transformation of the nature and the society.

In the vision of Vieira (2001), the term: … not in such a way assigns to a specific object (nature, natural spaces, landscapes, nestings), but a relation of interdependence. It can thus be constituted of the donation of different theoretical perspectives and scales, reflecting the option for problematic, you specify in the scope of the most varied areas of scientific specialization. In this process, whichever to the definition that if gives for the term environment, the important one is that if it has the same objective and vision of the interrelation of the life as a whole, therefore, the environment involves all the necessary factors the survival of each species of the planet.