Jan 06

Federal Corporation

How is the new financial regulation of U.S. 29 October 2009 no financial system can work effectively if financial institutions and investors operating on the belief that the Government will act to protect them from the consequences of their failures, Barack Obama, US President. The financial crisis originated in the sub-prime market subprime U.S. has had so far as winners to the main financial institutions in the U.S. (with the exception of Lehman Brothers), as the (NYSE:c) Citi or Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), they have managed to save his head thanks to taxes on taxpayers. This situation is not forgiven by the Americans and is therefore that the Obama Government must act to prove that it is in favour of financial consumers and taxpayers in the country.

In search of convince and please, the reform of the US financial system continues to move forward, and everyone expects to do so in the correct direction. Success in reforming regulatory, depends on a future crisis is not generated in the United States to through the operations of financial institutions, although this does not clear the horizon for threats. The day Tuesday was not one day for reform of the U.S. financial system. The project was presented to address systemic risk in the economy, initiative which includes the adoption of a measure that will expose to greater scrutiny to hedge funds.

The initiative would grant vast powers to a new regulatory board, the Federal Reserve and the Federal Corporation of insurance of the deposits (FDIC, by its acronym in English) to monitor and address risks to economic stability posed by financial companies with difficulties. The new regulation provides for a more proactive attitude to avoid headaches that cost several billions of dollars. According to the new regulation, any signature that is considered, has insufficient capital, can be restructured or even closed by regulators.