Jan 20

CreditServices Financial Advisory Company

CreditServices, first financial franchise network, has been awarded the prize to the international projection of the franchise, in the course of the second national meeting of franchises, suppliers and investors, organized by the famous group of technical studies specialized CESINE (editor, among others, of the magazine meters2) and held recently in Madrid sponsored by Banesto and Securitas Direct, among other major firms. The members of the jury have valued, for the granting of such recognition to its overseas development, the fact that the leading franchise in advice and financial brokerage in our country already has presence in markets such as Portugal, Mexico, Hungary, China and Guatemala, and prospects of doing so soon in Brazil, Peru, Chile and Costa Rica. In such event, Javier Lopez, founder and President of the award-winning company, gloso, both the added values of your business concept to all those entrepreneurs who wish to invest in their franchise decide to do so, such as the requirement that It refers throughout central have the ultimate in what products and services available to its partners. And after a decade and a half of proving that the concept works and of having a foreign presence highlighted, our internationalization plans cannot be but ambitious: with the help of the Spanish Institute of foreign trade, chambers of Commerce, etc., going to deal with the landing in emerging markets, such as Brazil and Chile, among others. CreditServices, with hundreds of establishments of financial intermediation at foot of street and adhering member of A.S.N.E.F with the number A-323 and a founding member of ANCOF (National Association of financial consultants), continues to promote the creation of new financial products that adapt to the current needs of the users. We give answers to customers who want the best conditions so many financing and insurance, companies and individuals, both to those who do not have time to go from Bank to bank or buy offers the companies insurance and above all no they can navigate to stations or do not have the volume needed to be able to access the preferential agreements that we if we have, explains the President of CreditServices.