Jul 03

Central Civil Registry

A few weeks ago I called my lawyer called me to ask me marriage certificate to solve some papers. To my surprise, that I am a fully organized and orderly person I was impossible to find that heading of marriage between different moves I have made both home and Office already I have no idea where you can be the Act of marriage. I call my lawyer so that you send the marriage certificate but searching and searching I was unable to find it. He asked me to finish with the past roles of my divorce by mutual agreement with my wife. It is a difficult decision to take and more when you have a child in common but it really has been the best decision both for her and for me in the long run for our son, since he was going to grow between discussions and a bad common living.

So I do not stay other than having to request the certificate of marriage in the central civil registry since my case is a little space so I have to go to the registry for special cases. He could not touch me I have in front of House. For that like other times I had to go well away solve this kind of nonsense that make you lose a whole morning to order the marriage certificate and finish with so much paperwork. Here comes my second surprise that was time even though he was willing to lose a whole morning to get the Act of marriage or was going to be able to be since the central civil registry schedule overlaps with my work schedule. So because I get to investigate by the network to see that solution give Forero to this kind of problem that a lot of people had to have before me. What’s more I was sure that my was normal, the strange thing was that could go to apply for your marriage certificate. and so it was, I soon came across a company that did everything so that in less than 48 hours any other paper in the mailbox of your House with an acknowledgment of receipt is your marriage certificate or birth certificate for less than 10 euros.