Jul 30

Argentine Indec

CONTROVERSIAL INDEC neither I nor you, dear Madam, troubled Lord, we handle the statistics daily. Russell said that the statistics are mathematical falsehood and was not very far from the truth. The price index that monthly warns us if there is inflation, deflation or economic stability is made based on complicated arithmetic processes that combine a string of up-to-date prices of products that supposedly you and I buy every day; Some say: milk, bread, flour, meat, oil, shirts, fuel, services. So far, all good. But it turns out that brainy demographers responsible to tell us how to walk the relationship between our salaries and cost of living decided that, as it says the Gospel, not only of bread man lives, also consumes spiral thread of steel flat head screws No. 2.

Yes, dear Madam, read well. In the list of items considered indicators of the daily expenditure of Argentines are screws. I’m not lying to them. And also figure to $2.50 per kilo bread. I wish that we recorriesemos bakeries as we do on Holy Thursday with the churches to see where that kilo of bread at two weights and a half. The poster is in Buenos Aires but it is not bread.

Here the bread costs $7 per kilo, the bread of the poster of the Secretary of Commerce is a mere listing, never available for sale. The bakers say the distributor of that $2.50 bread made a pact with the Government never appears and then they are forced to sell the unofficial bread, we could call it, the clandestine bread that costs 7 pesos per kilo. And believe me, dear Madam, dear Sir which is a shame. In the past two years bread, milk, meat, eggs, noodles, oil, vegetables and fruits prices outrageously from the 2 pesos worth per kilo of bread to the current 7 pesos. But, my dear people, the price of the No. 2 screws spiral thread suffered no or low hikes, they cost the same thing that makes two years. Why, if I do the statistics to show that prices varied not I choose multiple products whose price, God he knows why, did not increase in these two years. Then, wisely mixing screws with the milk and bread prices, the screws Dim statistically jumps in prices that tend to have the inputs of the family basket. It is a real pity that we should eat every day bread, milk, noodles, and throughout a string of products that calls us for the table. We us as Dukes if instead of eating bread and meat we alimentasemos us screw No. 2 spiral thread. You see, the solution is easy. Just read the monthly payroll from INDEC to know what we should eat every day to maintain healthy salary. Alejandro Maciel to Momarandu. Original author and source of the article.