Feb 24

Animals Loose In Mendoza

The Zoo in the city of Mendoza is one of the most important in Latin America. It was founded in 1903 on a draft of the famous landscape architect Carlos Thays, and was originally close to the Tom Thumb theatre. In 1940, began the construction of the new zoo of the city, in its present location on the slopes of the Cerro de La Gloria, in the Park San Martin, minutes from downtown and major hotels in Mendoza capital. The project, signed by the architect Daniel Ramos belts, was very advanced and ambitious: the mendocino zoo opened the doors open Zoo concept. The location of the animals was in large semi-open spaces, which had no bars, trying to play more faithfully possible the natural habitat of each species. And although at present this novel concept was distorted with the construction of some cages, especially for dangerous animals, the Zoo garden of the Parque San Martin is still a walk of great attraction, one of the safety pins of the holidays in Mendoza. The zoo now has a distance of 6.5 Km extension populated a fascinating Cologne of animal species. Some native, other exotic and even endangered.

Its 48 fully forested acres is home to monkeys, birds, elephants, Tigers, zebras, hippos, foxes, llamas, vicunas and polar bears, to name just a few of the 35 species present. It is both what’s to see and facinarse than the to fully explore the zoo should consider 3 hours approximately. The staff of the zoo, conscious of the importance of this walk within tourism in Mendoza, organised guided tours that are main intended to raise awareness about the need to help preserve the flora and fauna world, taking care of the planet. In the Zoo there is an educational program dedicated to students of biology and natural sciences. Enthusiastic dissemination by the participants of this programme, which comprises ad honorem promotional brochures in schools and among those who spend their holidays in Mendoza, has become a stroll to the mendocino zoo a must for anyone that is, temporary or permanently, cuyanas lands. The Zoological Garden of the Cerro de la Gloria remains open during the whole year, and its more than affordable rates include discounts for children, teachers and retirees. A trip that will delight children and adults alike. Jorge Alberto Guinazu original Autor and source of the article