Feb 18

Rita Barbera One Of Family

Without being Coto Matamoros, nor the Pocholez, nor other TV nightmares, known throughout Spain. Being, moreover, a politician of provinces, the thing has double merit. Theirs are not public Medallion mayestaticas poses. Neither the Pharaonic inaugurations. Neither the grandiloquent phrases for history.

Rita Barbera practice the difficult art of proximity, be like one of the family although we have ever crossed a Word with her. With that seemingly simple baggage goes to its fourth municipal mandate. And, if it has not gone to more things, it is because it has been postponed personal vanity interests collectively superiors. The art of simplicity that the Mayoress of Valencia practice not comes out so easy either. Neither rehearsing piecework in such accelerated course of image for politicians in election campaign. It is a natural gift which has nothing to do with the ideology, nor with partisan acronyms, not even with personal beliefs. Why people who in other circumstances it would be at home watching TV vote him. From time to time, between the folds of her inevitable feminine coquetry, leaves him a radio past which manifests itself in an unmatched management of silences the micro suede. And it is that politicians are convinced by what they say, clear; But if in addition earn avasalladoramente is for the wisdom of what callan. (Journal of Valencia-18 May 2003). Biographical sketch compiled in the book characters of life.-Center Francisco Tomas y Valiente-UNED-Alzira, Valencia-108 pages-2007) original author and source of the article.