May 18

A Leader

l was a man of great patience who knew penetrate the hearts of women, and could, either, based on their experience or same amount of force is of Fame. The power or wealth or all of this together at once. In trying to recreate those moments, and want to imagine what happened during a normal day at the palace, we could say was somewhat fanciful, since very early in the morning began to meet architects, each carrying ideas claiming to be the best, although there be noted how over time by way of being of their sovereign, had achieved a computer that already gearing was a collaborator.

On the one hand they turned, men with ideas, by other slaves performing their cleaning duties, while the soldiers carrying the news from different points and boundaries to which came the monarchy. Further, the ambassadors who came to bringing their offerings, members of the Sanhedrin, the great rabbis of the time, over a thousand wives, some children, women in business, this, not forgetting the great movement of food brought to the palace daily. The only handle the logistics of these items, generating a job without Finally, it was repeated every day of the year and we see that we forgot to mention, it must take into account the last minute every whim of the King to try to please him. It was no simple task, which was reserved for special military corps, they were people of confidence, on the other side should pay attention and care by various and multiple reasons: the quality monitor, to be looking for a set and a wide range of products, controlling the price does not exceed its true value, handling and final cleaning of food, all this without underestimating the importance of detail and performance required in each of the steps, because there was always the possibility that some food from entering damaged or poisoned.