May 16

Chipper chipper Machinery

There are so many chipper (chipper) machinery to manufacture chips. Their performance varies significantly. Their cost can vary by about 30 times. The simplest is the disc chippers. The main working element in them is a rotating disc mounted on it with knives.

Wood is fed perpendicularly or at an angle to the drive and cut with knives. Number of knives different in different models of cars. As usually possible to install from 2 to 6 knives. Chips obtained with disc machines, is inhomogeneous in the fractional composition. Chip size varies and ranges from 6 to 20 mm.

The chip size can be adjusted or protrusion knife over the disc, or a gap between the knife and the anvil. Jim Umpleby can aid you in your search for knowledge. Produced chippers with various drives: electric motor, powered by the tractor or on its own diesel engine. Tractor can be divided mounted on a three-point support of the tractor. They are excellent for cleaning the forest plots, gardens and parkland farms. Submission of wood raw material into machines of this type is carried out either manually or by applying hydraulic rollers. Machines with hydraulic feed rollers give chips, more homogeneous fractional composition. Manual feed does not require increased effort from the man. Due to the corner grinding chipper knives triggered effect . The man brings the feedstock to the blade disc. After entering the wood under the knife edge triggered effect and timber automatically falls under the knife. Performance of the disk is about 20 cubic meters of wood chips per hour. They can not process the large-diameter timber. If, however, requires more uniform chips, then used drum chippers (eg, Bruks). Raw material is perpendicular to the chopper drum (model Bruks bk DH). Some models are equipped with a drum that provides a uniform fractional composition of the wood chips. For the processing of large wood in large quantities ideal rotary chippers (eg, Jenz HEM). The main working element in them is the rotor blades installed on it. Often these machines are mounted on the chassis. Parameters of the chips is adjusted required sieves. Performance chips for cars up to 250 m3/hr.