Jul 06

Energy Refurbishments

The Federal Government has presented a Bill, according to the energetic renovation of residential buildings from 2012 similar to promote such investments in buildings or in redevelopment areas. Most of the energy burden in Germany’s Berlin 14.06.2011 – in the building stock. Energetic refurbishment would be particularly efficient in order to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Such an investment, however, is often not particularly attractive for the homeowner: the amounts can be made tax partially only over a period of 40 or 50 years. The owner uses the real estate itself, so the investments so far not fiscally not affect him. That could soon in favor of housing and home owners change, the draft of law on fiscal aid from energetic remedial measures in residential buildings should “(printed 339/11) become reality.

Applies to leased residential real estate, that the investment then with 10% annually can be increased discontinued. Even users can deduct the expenses with up to 10% a year as special editions. The following requirements should apply: the production start of the building must be before 1st January 1995 section it must be achieved by specific energy efficiency targets after the renovation. So, the year primary energy requirement and the transmission heat losses of below certain limits must be, which relate to the energy saving regulation. That the energy savings targets have been reached, must be confirmed by an expert. The project must not be encouraged through other means, such as low-interest loans.

Must be started with the construction work after 2011, which means after this time may be the planning application or submitted construction documents. Just rented and self-shared flats are favored in the previous draft of the Bill. Those that are left for example family members free of charge remain sidelined. Overview: When the law becomes a reality, then, following tax deductions in residential buildings rented apartments Selbstgenutzte apartment emerge free of charge licensed apartment refurbishment is production start of the building before 1995 production start of the building after 1994 production start of the building before 1995 production start of the building after 1994 maintenance immediately as advertising costs deductible or about 2-5 years to distribute 10% of expenditure 10 x acquisition-related costs In the current political climate as special editions cost 10 x 10% of expenses as increased deductions deductible should it be sure, that the draft will take effect at the turn of the year. If such measures considered tax maintenance and should be performed in a rented property, you can get started. In other cases it is worth maybe wait a few months.