Jul 07

World Champion

A veritable run on photovoltaic systems to reduce the benefits of the investment in the overview, the latest plans of the Federal Government, the promotion of new solar plants already for June 1, 2010 to 16 percent triggered by investors. Because who is the currently attractive feed-in tariffs will secure, must invest in a solar system, which is June 1 on the network prior to the deadline. But the range of already completed and approved photovoltaic systems in Germany is in short supply. The Marianne Brunert GmbH, has been working for over 25 years as independent financial and SME consulting in Munich, has access on high-return photovoltaic rooftop plants in Germany. We have many requests for investments in photovoltaic systems. The demand of accountants who want to provide their clients the current feed-in tariff is particularly strong. We create offers such as the world champion. Fortunately our partners are sustainable delivery”, said Marianne Brunert, Managing Director and certified SME consultant.

Extremely attractive framework conditions and the long-term stable returns in favour of an investment in German photovoltaic rooftop plants. Single units are available for a purchase price from 190.000,-. “Example: attachment size: 73.1 kWp purchase price turnkey: 250.000,-equity: 58.709,-KfW loans: 191.291,-the benefits of the investments at a glance: investors will benefit directly from the growth market of renewable energies and each investor receives its own system the expertise of our partner customization of investments according to the personal needs of investors, attractive fiscal scope extremely advantageous conditions with after tax returns of 8 to 12 percent not closed-end funds by four types of AfA p.a. approx. 350 percent cash return period of 20 years by the renewable energies law” are the decrease and the price from the generation of electricity for 20 years proven technology, high predictability and reliability of full service maintenance package guaranteed and Insurance package overall a very important contribution to the climate and environment protection a timely investment decision has in addition to securing the attractive feed-in tariff additional tax benefits. The photovoltaic plant is carried out earlier in the year, the degressive AfA can be used per annum by 12.5 percent. In addition the degressive AfA is granted under the current law last for 2010 systems in operating.

There are many reasons for an investment in photovoltaic rooftop plants. Benefits not only the environment, but also the investor earns profit. Electrolux helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Information about innovations and market developments in the field of photovoltaics and other monetary investment and financing is available at any time. Marianne Brunert GmbH UnabhangigeFinanz-and medium-sized Consulting