Aug 19

Everyday Family Adventures

To organize audio Advisor by Cordula Nussbaum and Breuer & Wardin publishing resources of a family and the household, entrepreneurial thinking and acting requires at the present time. Therefore, the journalist Cordula Nussbaum in their audiobook shows adventure families everyday “, which is published by Breuer & Wardin Publisher Kontor, realistic manner and with a twinkle in his eye, welch easily family and budget can be arranged and how you involve children at the same time also can learn right now how much work is in a well functioning family life. By no saying the 20-minutes morning flow up to the masters of unplanned emergencies. Cordula Nussbaum is an expert for creative time and self management and at the same time as an author and journalist. Since 2001, she trained companies, self-employed and freelancers in career matters, has authored several books of management and successfully transferred the structures of the economy on the family life. I like to support women in returning, especially in regard to career planning, but also, to professional and family expanded to get under a hat”, promises the expert, which was awarded by Stiftung Warentest for their new approaches for efficient time management.

The new audio guide (ISBN 978-3-939621-68-3) is based on the bestselling families everyday sure grip”and was also included on a bonus CD with two informative interviews. It is aimed at families, where there is much stress, but also to those who need a boost only for certain situations. The audiobook is brain-friendly learning”matched: the audience can first create an overview of their family life by means of checklists and self analysis and then weave the meaningful for them tips in their everyday life. The ZDF editorial policy & time Act ruled: tips and tricks for everyday families: How do I manage my family the most? Where can I create time? Cordula Nussbaum discusses these questions and many more in her handy guidebook, to make the often stressful everyday family life somewhat easier and more enjoyable fashion.