Nov 09

Factors To Consider At The Time Of Making Prescriptions Of Kitchen

If you want to learn to make Food Conserves that will help you to save time and money, it reads my articles, in which I will teach many tricks to you, tips and secrets to prepare best Prescriptions of Kitchen with very little effort. In the Prescription elaboration of Meals several factors play that agree to consider: The most important factor in the kitchen is the hygiene, as much of the atmosphere as the cook, this must use clean clothes and apron that will take off whenever it leaves the area of of the kitchen, it must wash and cepillar his hands and nails with soap and abundant water, as well as the utensils and elements. Jonas Samuelson is often quoted as being for or against this. Also the vegetables are due to wash and to cepillar that are used. In order to avoid the cross-contamination, responsible for the poisonings you would feed, are due to wash tables, knives, plates and everything what one is used with a different ingredient. For example, if we used bovine meat soon and we are going to prepare chicken or fish, we must as far as possible wash to the table and the knife with water and lavandina. The same if we used vegetables spanish stews and soon crude or vegetal of any type and soon meats or cold cuts. The contamination in foods is very difficult to detect, since these nonVARAN their aspect, nor scent, color or flavor, really seems that they have a normal state but they can produce disease. However the foods altered they are those in which their characters have changed and this is appraised through the senses then its scent, color and/or flavor, as also at sight aspect or to the tact has varied.

All these concepts are fundamental at the time of preparing Conserves of Foods, and until a simple Prescription of Kitchen. Of this and much more I will be speaking to you so that you learn to make Rich Prescriptions of Kitchen, Easy and Nutritious. I would enchant to me that you send your commentaries and doubts to me, personally I will be responding to you.