Jan 23

Federal Service

Spectrum used by their actions is broader than that of bank employees. Spoil life inveterate debtor they may complete the program. Standard algorithm of the collection agency is as follows: 1. Preliminary work by the call center: SMS and telephone calls informing debtors. 2. Notification letters – notices to debtors who have not responded to telephone calls. 3.

Departure address and personal information to the debtor 4. Search debtors, collect additional information about the debtor 5. Applying to the court. In any case, collectors must act within the legal field. The collector has no right to put pressure on the debtor to be rude to him, to threaten physical violence. If the employee is engaged in debt collection, exceeded its authority, the debtor has a right to complain to his creditor, who may revise the terms of cooperation with collectors (but only in If the debt is on the bank's balance sheet). You can consult the manual collection company, calling the employee's name, which, according to the debtor used the illegal practices. You can also complain to the Federal Service, Association for the Development of collection business.

In extreme cases you need to contact the police. Property taken away by force the final stage in the process of debt recovery is to contact the creditor in court, where it can require the sale of collateral, if any. According to the court an apartment or a car, put in the bank, sell at auction. However, the borrower such a development is not profitable.