May 27

From The High-tech Idea To The Business

Workshop targeted buyers advance their enthusiasm for the innovative product often simply in the part of the founders who start their business with an innovative, technological idea, put founders week Germany. This assumption is true only in the rarest of cases. If the founders also come from the College, they are still not really familiar with the game rules of the economy. Exactly at this point that sets of K-T developed voltage square innovation. It refers to the innovative technology at a benefit for the future customers. It regard the price, which is ultimately determined by the market also supportive, with the high-tech product-related services and of course. Thus the square of voltage for high-tech entrepreneurs has proved workable tool, to validate the commercial viability of their idea.

Dr. Angelika Kolb-Telieps presents it in Berlin in a friendly workshop within the framework of the founders week of the Federal Interior Ministry for Economics and technology. In addition valuable tips on how to develop a sustainable strategy and a strong financing plan high-tech founders from the outset gives the engineer and founding Advisor. Of course it is also on funding programmes. Dr. Angelika Kolb-Telieps has her own company K-T innovation with an innovative consulting services two years ago started after she worked for many years at the University and then R & D- and launched innovative areas in the industry. She has learnt, what thinking barriers are academics at the business in the way and that it the most creation events not specifically is entered.

She their own experiences and solution approaches complemented the customer passes on to entrepreneur from scientific institutions or departments in companies within the framework of the founders week of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology: content: A high-tech idea with the voltage square make economically viable for the future About vision and strategy to the business concept, costs, sales, promotion and funding must be analyzed, to establish the financial plan, the next steps plan participants: 10-20 high-tech founding date: 16.11.2010 18:00 21:00 in 10117 Berlin, Oranienburger str. 66 the workshop is free of charge. Bookings are binding and by E-Mail on. Ludenscheid, the 26.10.2010, Dr. Angelika Kolb-Telieps