Jun 26

Getting To Have Good Traffic To Your Blog

This is not to have many visitors per day. Not even the case that the number of visitors grows up six or seven times in 24 hours. It is giving people what they want, not what do you think they want to and grow in value and traffic for that. I do not understand, right? Let it out! At the time you have a blog site, if you want a good traffic then you have to do publicity, no? But this thou shalt not advertising anyway, and so we got to the first method: 1. Make your advertising to those interested in what you offer in your blog.

You have to orient towards people who like doing business on the internet and would like to learn more, so that advertising can be done by: a. Link Exchange The best known method of generating traffic. Do you have any friend with any site or blog with content similar to yours? Throw down a exchange of links. Do not know anyone for this? There is nothing amiss. Search Google.

For example if you have a site about mountaineering, rock climbing you can look onto ', extreme sports , etc. Most of the sites / blogs have an address where You can send a mail. DO IT! b.Anuncio paid If you have money, you can pay for your site to be displayed on other sites with the same profile as yours. A good example would be Google AdWords …. read everyone.