Sep 18

Google Adwords

I forgot to mention you creating the list! It uses an electronic newsletter. There is no door open to the discussion of this very important part. Or you have a newsletter to build relationships or have no business. That use is Aweber (in English). The other (free) is through the service of Feedburner which includes a system to create a newsletter to keep in touch with your readers. FeedBurner is used for a blog, which is what I use and recommend (I stopped updating my page to focus exclusively on my blog because it gives me better results). Part two: Attracting traffic already know this part.

If there are no guests, no pachanga. And actually it is not so difficult to attract traffic (lots of patience if you are using free strategies). Just focus on the next 2 strategies: 1. pay for traffic: for that there is Google Adwords, advertise in newsletters of the advertising paid in portals and others. This is the fastest way to attract customers, but I will not discuss these steps because I don’t use them. All my traffic is free. 2 Free traffic: this is mine! But eye observes how other people attract traffic. If you use much strategy there, care.

There are no to implement the latest in the market unless you’re a magazine. Also don’t have all the time in the world. Your goal is choosing a few strategies and dominate nauseam (and experts who use less, but do more to follow). 3. Third part: diversify your knowledge if you sell any service, you know that you don’t have unlimited hours. And if you don’t show, you do not money (and if you sick?) that I don’t like! I prefer a business that, when I am present, make money. And when it is not, also. And here comes the creation of products! Create your products is the most guaranteed way of creating an empire of passive income because you convert your knowledge into tangible products and you make money even while you sleep or are on vacation. You like that (I love!). And, again, it is not difficult. Is only a simple system and creating constant product to generate passive up to $60,000 income (I have a friend who has 25 special reports. Sells like hot bread is even while on vacation. The secret? Delegate which leaves no money). Are you creating your own products such as reports, manuals or ebooks? Every entrepreneur must and can create products to diversify your time and make passive income. In short to make $60,000 or more in 12 months need to: 1. create a list, 2. use a 3 newsletter. and turn your knowledge into products. There you have it. Are you following these strategies step by step? With love, Diana Fontanez