Sep 12

Two Destinations

If you are looking for Malta on a map of the world, it is obvious that you will find the name, but what you won’t see is going to be any territory represented on paper. And it is that it’s such a small country than from tip to tip of the island and by car only takes a clock hour to traverse it. The country of Malta actually consists of three islands: Malta, the largest and where it is its capital, Valetta, Gozo, smaller, and cumin, just a rock that, Yes, has one of the most beautiful coves in the world. Of course, I was referring to the largest island when he talked about that it only takes one hour to traverse it the first time I went to Malta in a humorous tone even thought the airplane would not have enough time to brake and we were going to go all at sea. Jokes aside, was a single country to learn English.

Since then, was a blend of learning and holidays, so I recommend that you perform one of the many English courses in Malta that are available. My second recommendation is that, if Malta does not attract you enough, you try another destination to make your English course: Dublin. The Irish capital is a city full of possibilities, with an incredible and overwhelming culture and a charming village that will try to make you feel at home. They are two perfect destinations for perfecting your English, so keep them in mind before you decide on one of them. 101 Secrets to learn English Fresh Healthy Body Opera, trova, rock and reggaeton: the perfect blend of the Grammy Latino Radio Bio-Bio summer in Asturias: the perfect mix between tradition, sport and holiday.

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