Sep 08

HR Outsourcing With Stable Development At A High Level

ORGA survey: Every second company outsources the payroll from increase of 15 percent compared to 2003 two-thirds of the companies make good grades from Karlsruhe the service providers, November 25, 2009 the outsourcing of payroll and payroll enjoys a very high level of acceptance and rising among users for six years. Now, more than every second medium-sized and large companies has transferred to a specialized service provider processes for payroll. The third study of the Karlsruhe IT provider ORGA GmbH comes to this conclusion. The ORGA, surveys show that the circle of outsourcing users has grown in the last six years to 15 percent. If you would like to know more about Ben Horowitz, then click here. Compared to 2007 is an increase of four percent. Currently, another nine percent of the over 400 respondents companies planning to outsource the payroll and salary accounting. Also the satisfaction with the chosen path is still continued to grow despite high output level: In 2003, 79 percent of users judged the decision to outsource as correct, the proportion was 82, two years ago are now It even 84 percent.

Very similarly, the company assess the services of the provider. Currently almost two-thirds exhibit good notes their service partners. This means an increase of 15 and five percent respectively compared to the first two surveys in 2003 and 2008. Only every seventh user shows currently dissatisfied with the quality of service of its HR provider good one-fifth of the user sees a need for optimization part. There are opportunities for improvement for the clues of the undertakings concerned especially with the flexibility of the partners (38 percent).

The efficiency of the processes in the interaction of users and service providers complain about one-third of respondents. Criticism only a few companies personal responsibilities changing the other assessment criteria of error rate, delays and price development. The development shows that the outsourcing of HR processes among the classic and most established forms of outsourcing”, judge Jurgen Tiefenbach, head of personnel services at the ORGA. He that it traces that HR outsourcing benefits particularly stark. In addition to the positive economic effects with transparent and clearly calculable costs discharge for the administrative core tasks will be immediately visible. This personnel departments can concentrate much more on the strategic personnel management”, explains Tiefenbach. Thus creates a noticeable added value. the HR outsourcing” ORGA GmbH specialist for IT service and consulting the ORGA offers innovative SAP solutions and services for mid-sized companies. Objective of the ORGA is to increase the competitiveness of its customers. Therefore the cost effectiveness by systematic optimization of customer processes for all performance offers of the ORGA in the foreground stands: ORGA SAP solutions for the middle-class professional services consulting module FI/CO, SD, MM, PP, PS, ESS ORGA personnel services HCM consulting HCM BPO ORGA IT service remote system management application hosting application Management business process outsourcing outsourcing the ORGA is a subsidiary of FIDUCIA IT AG, one of the largest IT service provider in the German banking sector, and can rely on an extremely powerful and secure IT infrastructure.