Mar 30

Industrial Equipment: Edge Machine

Edge Banders – what the important parameters to consider when choosing them? Among the necessary operations performed by machines, include: surface appearance, which is subject pasting, the maximum and minimum thickness of the adhesive edge, the edge of the feed rate and workpiece, the number and types of transactions. In industrial production using equipment of varying degrees of complexity, and this is dictated by difference in goals. If the task facing flat edge facing a thin shield blanks plastic thickness of 1 mm, enough of the machine, which has in the aggregate to application of glue, a device for rolling edges and means for removing overhangs front and horizontal edges. If the thickness of the plastic edging is high and reaches 3 mm, the machine should be additionally equipped with scraper unit, which will be used for chamfering and remove excess hot melt from the horizontal surfaces of the workpiece. To improve the quality of processed billets is advisable to use the device for applying anti-adhesive means. Application protivoadgezivnogo means facilitates the removal of hot melt glue scraper units from the surface of the workpiece.

As a consequence, reduced clamping force when sanding The surface is smooth and free of scratches. If the edging material will act as natural veneer, you will need a machine, which included a support for the grinding of the edge. Presence caliper will give up manual labor-intensive and not always quality grinding edges or transaction of the additional purchase kromkoshlifovochnogo machine. Often, when facing facades of the furniture used in the form of edges strips of the array, the thickness of which reaches 12 mm or even up to 24mm. Then the milling overhang you will need two consecutive milling machine. The first will be used for roughing-rail edge second – for finishing. If the design of the furniture requires a profiled strips glued to the edge, then set the machine to be milling head. The presence of milling head will abandon additional milling on an additional machine.