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Jul 13

Water and Floor Heating Systems

Plates for low temperature water heating system floor system is a low-temperature underfloor water heating for residential, office, warehouse and other buildings. The advantage of this method of heating is to maintain the temperature difference from floor to ceiling close to the ideal. Heating element are pipes circulating hot water on them, are laid under …

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May 23

Exhibition Equipment

We also offer to rent the exhibition equipment, display cases, shelves etc. – For certain corporate events. Upon customer request, we can optimize the location of equipment in the areas of trade, we choose colors of the future place of sale, perform design, manufacture and installation of trade and exhibition equipment. Non-standard advertising is very …

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Mar 30

Industrial Equipment: Edge Machine

Edge Banders – what the important parameters to consider when choosing them? Among the necessary operations performed by machines, include: surface appearance, which is subject pasting, the maximum and minimum thickness of the adhesive edge, the edge of the feed rate and workpiece, the number and types of transactions. In industrial production using equipment of …

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May 20

Same Pipes

Therefore, the highest-quality and durable of all beings is a seamless, seamless pipes steel, coated with a layer of sprayed zinc (galvanized why are called). Seamless pipes are common, not assembled from component parts, which ensures their durability. And zinc, which may be covered such pipes, frees you from having to take other additional steps …

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Oct 18

First Generator

Kick-off gain as in both synchronous and asynchronous generators connecting inductive load output voltage drops. In addition, any motor startup consumes several times more than its rated power. For these reasons, to run the electric motor is always necessary generator power output is several times higher than the nominal power an electric motor. Reducing the …

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Jun 28

Homemade Folding BBQ Barbecue

Trips on a picnic for all the city generally seen as a trip "on the kebabs." And that would be qualitatively or barbecue to cook kebabs, you want good BBQ. Build a fire on the grass, in general it gives a barbaric attitude to nature, fireplace later years do not become overgrown. And it's not …

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Apr 27


It's no secret that the technical dryer – an apparatus that is used quite widely, but in this article, we focus on the specific situation of application. Use predostavivschuyusya opportunity to demonstrate use a hair dryer on technical practice. Frost struck, and the owners recklessly forgot to block in the country at the distribution site, …

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