May 16

Manage Activities

Self-discipline recognize that your time is the only non-renewable resource, is the first step to start making good management. One of the most common mistakes of the networkers is not managing time properly. There are several reasons that prevent you to use your time efficiently: 1. / / do not have a daily minuta: if parties the day without knowing what you want to do, you have several hours lost, only to decide in that are going to work. You must get used to leave the previous day a plan defined with at least 3 activities that are mandatory and elective 3, for example: writing a new article can be something compulsory and optional can be updating your social network. That decide you you, but it is essential that you have defined your activities in advance. Ben Horowitz has much experience in this field.

2. / / Te desenfocas: you have your routine armed but suddenly you find yourself with a lot of open pages, and begin to lose the time between your email, social, and suddenly network. you ended the day. Dedicated hours of work to take forward your agenda, if or other compulsory activities should done. 3. / / Everything for tomorrow: how many times has happened to you that you say tomorrow do it., is the most recurring excuse, and the less effective, tomorrow never comes, today is the important, tomorrow will have their own eagerness, concentrate on that today you have to do things.

4. / / Your family you don’t support: this is one of the points that tangentially touches several networkers, not only because it is difficult to break paradigms and prejudices, if not because it affects in a direct way. Have you ever heard you’ll earn money there or that Internet is a scam and I could go on, but it is not the point, important thing is what you think, if you have decided, works to bring forward your business, and out of your head the negativity. You have to be firm and explain to your family that you need so many hours to work and not be bothered. At the beginning it is difficult because confused being in the House, with no work but this is not the case, you must have a daily schedule that respects your family as your work time, as if you were working out. 5. / / Do not delegate: while the majority of the networkers works independently, there are many things that can be done not only, no one can know everything, then how to perform various tasks in conjunction is that begin to look for partners or advisers who will help you in your tasks, for example, if you need more time to perform your marketing campaignsYou can ask for help or hiring people who know more about the topic and your finding that time in other activities. The world of the network, is difficult to master, and even more, if not acquire the discipline to learn and apply the knowledge to succeed.