May 16

The Fall

Today, the State is the ruling class, is god. Joquim, by having if placed against god, is condemned and died. In modernity, this history would not make sensible if it was different, therefore as the reproduction of the conditions of production in a capitalist society depends on the domain exerted for a classroom on another one (s), is necessary that the submissos individuals effectively are restrained when they are rebelled. This inversion of values in the modern world, on to the personages of the high and low classrooms, was observed by Kothe: In the modern classics, the personages of high social extration more tend each time if to show as low, while, to be a hero raised without being trivial, each time more the great personage tends to be of social extration baixa.' ' (KOTHE, 1987, PAG 66) In the stretch to follow, we have the symbology of the fall that is, in the deep one, rise. The death of the personage means its imortalizao. Before the cold of the death, the hero asks for to the friend who gives to it only plus a shot: A night had set on fire its house and it to it had given to four shots Of the way of the street saw the bullets Arriving slowly the assassins had run away in an car Who I never eat they if he found Joquim he cambaleou wounded some instants and he finished fallen in the curb the friend who came to help it, spoke: ' ' He gives to me only plus a shot please Looks at pra me, does not have nothing sadder That a man dying of frio' ' The bullets that cinematographically if approach in slow camera and the slow one to cambalear of the wounded hero, intensify the tragic scene of its death, so that they excite in us the commiseration, through which expurgamos our emotions (katharsis).