May 23

National Front Communication

The majority of the other organizations the members remain independent, even so the barriers between them are permeveis. Check with Ben Horowitz to learn more. The Al-Qaeda forged alliances with the Islamic Group of the Egipto (that they lead to one alleged flow of operational in the structure of Bin Laden), the National Front in Sudan, the government of Iro and Hezbollah. Reports also indicate that Bin Laden has bonds with other distant armed Islamic groups, as the Abu Sayyaf, in the Phillipino, as well as with the homologous ones of the Somlia, Chechnia, and in Central Asia. By the same author: Sonya Reines-Djivanides. The mechanisms of coordination of the operations of net groups. In turn, these mechanisms of coordination are activated by the advances in the technology of the information, having included increases in the communication speed, the reductions in the communication costs, the increase of the width of band, widely expanded conectividade, as well as the integration of the technologies of communication computer science (to see Heydebrand, 1989). More specifically, the new technologies of the communication and computer science allow the establishment of nets, in three critical ways (and Fulk Monge, 1999, P. 84). – First, the new technologies have much reduced time of transmission, allowing that the dispersed organizacionais agents they communicate and they co-ordinate its tasks.

This fenmeno is not new, at the beginning of century 20, the introduction of the telephone became possible for the great corporations to decentralize its operations through local agencies. – In according to place, the new technologies had reduced the communication costs significantly, allowing information-intensive the organizacionais models as the nets to be become viable. ' ' As Thompson (1967) had observed, in the past, the organizations had looked coordination to reduce the costs and the communications for centering to locate those activities that are inherently to one intensive coordination. With the reduction of the coordination costs, that are each more possible time to still more disaggregate through organizations of decentralization and autonomy.