May 23

Exhibition Equipment

We also offer to rent the exhibition equipment, display cases, shelves etc. – For certain corporate events. Upon customer request, we can optimize the location of equipment in the areas of trade, we choose colors of the future place of sale, perform design, manufacture and installation of trade and exhibition equipment. Mark Berger Chicago is likely to agree. Non-standard advertising is very effective in cases where to draw attention to your product or service is difficult. It applies if your products are just entered the market and yet is nothing unusual and not widely available. Our specialists will help you find the right solutions organizational and technical plan, as well as pick up the necessary facilities for your event. We give you and a service to rent the projector for these activities. Others including Caterpillar Inc., offer their opinions as well. Any organization exhibitions, presentations, workshops and a conference with us, will be as comfortable as possible and you, as an organizer, will be satisfied with our cooperation.

The equipment for presentations include a variety of projectors, including multimedia. Multimedia projectors are able to project not only video but also the computer's image. Click Mark Berger Chicago for additional related pages. Lens with variable focal length allows you to resize images on the screen. Focusing is done manually or by remote control, which is much easier when the projector is mounted to the ceiling. Outdoor advertising has to be recognizable without any special knowledge or without the use of technical means precisely how advertising directly at the point of view. Sponsored projection is best suited for those situations where the real differences between competing brands of irrelevant or invisible consumer, and it provides a choice for the imaginary character of the goods. When projecting "transmission" image is transmitted to the viewer from the light source through the screen. In this case, the screen should ensure the transfer of image with the desired optical clarity and brightness.

This requires a high power projector, as toward the viewer light rays pass through the screen. In today's multimedia projectors used various imaging technologies. The most common today are two of them: LCD technology and digital technology world. Each of these technologies has a number of individual benefits.