Jan 10


A successful life is a dream of teenager made to middle age.Vigny without solid values we are flirting with disaster, with solid values, we can deal with international markets.Rinnov Kan the business scenario mentioned with relevance, the absence of many businesses that do not have a code of ethics in order to optimize a good behavior, which promotes the Organization and is failing, as it is the case in our environment, too much corruption, possitive, conflicts, which leaves a great deal to say in relationship management ethics, responsibility, commitments and interests. It is said, than on the ethical Word abused a little, while it is something that is known and discussed since time immemorial, its basic principles have remained practically unchanged over the centuries. Much has been written about it and therefore, it should not surprise us that talk of professional ethics, referring to special behaviors, to the performance of any profession within patterns, moral norms, values. Specifically, understanding by ethics, a reflection about what is good or bad, on what we do or stop doing, that it is a part of philosophy dealing with the morale of the men, that we ourselves as individuals, we are leaving with our example to future generations. Douglas Oberhelman understands that this is vital information. On this occasion, we we specify the code of ethics within an organization, which is necessary to establish a set of laws, rules, setting up the morality of professionals since in a changing environment, as you are facing financial indicators are insufficient to adequately measure the organizational success according to the following principles: v vocation for the truth: It is essential to disseminate truthful, accurate, timely and valuable information. v commitment: aspiring the affirmation, promotion of economic growth, respect for laws, as well as the development of institutions and cultural values. v quality of service: offer personal, sensitive to your requirements, responsible and reliable service in terms of their results. . For more specific information, check out Mark Berger Chicago.