Nov 27

Pension Fund

With these documents, I went to the inspectorate in his home town where I was here immediately sent to pay the state fee for such service as the registration of the enterprise. After parting with 4 thousand rubles, I got in return a receipt which is attached to the package of documents. I was informed that the registration procedure Ltd. lasts up to seven working days. But in this ordeal anyone who wishes to register a company, not the end. Want to know that I still had to make? I got the codes of Statistics (remarkably fast, by the way!), Opened the scoring in the bank near future office (there had to sweat until the correctly filled out a card given to me pretty, but too fastidious girl-manager!). Also, I had a little run to assure the samples his signature and the signature of the chief accountant (registration of legal entities with the opening of bank account is provided). I also ordered a print and got registered in the tax office.

When I thought that this is my running for sure ended, my accountant-general has reminded me of the need of registration of the Pension Fund and the fms. It's good that I came across an accountant experienced and pinpointed what time is there better to come, not to languish in the queue. Thus, in appointed day, I walked into inspectorate, where we have carried out business registration, and got my hands on a certificate of registration, registered its Charter Ltd., an extract from the register and a number of documents giving me the right to totally legitimate business activities in Russia. Frankly, my joy knew no bounds! Firstly, because it happened in my life is an important event to which I was preparing for a long time. And secondly, I done it myself without the help of intermediaries. Finally, the council. If you decide to self-registration of the company, do not skimp on the copier. Make plenty of copies of all documents required in the registration process. As Practice shows that none of them would be superfluous.