Nov 20


This information about one of the options for a safe investment, the investing of money in diamonds. In our time of financial crises and instability in the foreign exchange market, more people prefer to invest their finances in particularly in the jewelry diamond jewelry. First, these contributions do sighted people who value stability and guarantee the preservation of their own savings. Russian investment firm, as well as banks, often not enough attention to the operations of the diamond. But in the West, especially in America, the situation is quite different. This is primarily due to the fact that foreign investment companies more than others appreciate stability even if a slow but stable growth percentage guarantee the safeguarding of assets.

Foreign investors are analyzing the market argue that over the past 40 years, the cost of diamonds has grown steadily. For the last 10 years the price of diamonds rose by 60% all the time continue to grow. How to buy and how much does it cost? During that same-profitable to invest in jewelry with diamonds or diamond in the form of a stone? Professionals recommend invest in a raw diamond and give it to the processing for the subsequent production of a diamond jewelry, the most lucrative option. After processing, jewelry, you can simply put up for auction or just sell. The best places to buy large diamonds from 1-1, 5 cts.

One carat diamond on the quality of the average costs from 3 to 7, 5000 dollars, the price is very high quality diamonds reaches 15 000 dollars per carat. Even in the recent 2000 diamond weighing 5 carats of superb quality was actually bought in the area of 30 thousand dollars. At the moment, such a diamond is worth 150 thousand dollars. Not yet passed 10 years, and the price rose to 5 (!) times. Numerous experts argue that the rise in prices for polished diamonds is 10-15% per year. Such interest vryatli can provide even the most reliable banks. The first of the possible problems such investment – the liquidity of diamonds. Buy a diamond not a problem, it is much more difficult to implement profitably. Implement diamond jewelry in a jewelry store is impossible, since under Russian law jewelry stores do not have the right buy diamonds from individuals. Diamond jewelry can be realized through a pawnshop or pawnshop, but it will lose some of its value. Abroad to realize the diamonds easier, there are specialty shops in them without any problems it is easy to buy and sell diamonds. All the information – this is one of the options-in the stable preservation of your capital, the final decision as to save your capital for you.