Jan 23

Problematic Aspects Of The Collection Business In Ukraine. Part 1 .

"Man, do not pay their debts, deprives himself of the Future" Luc De Clap De Vauvenargues rapid development of credit market in recent years has led to a rise in defaults on loans. The current situation in the domestic financial market has attracted new players that offer debt collection services. Currently in Ukraine, about a dozen companies specializing in this sphere of activity. Establishment and functioning of the reservoir Agencies, accompanied by a number of problematic issues. The most significant of these answers we gave the director of law firm "power law" Donetsk, provides a full range of collection services, Alexander: 1. What problems arise in the selection of employees of the collection agency (department)? The main problem in selecting staff of collection agencies is the lack of highly qualified specialists of the direction. To become a specialist in debt collection activities, not enough to have a university degree and be an executive officer.

The main requirement – mental preparation and resistance to stress. To date, state of the collection department is formed of lawyers, former law enforcement, banking, psychologist and collectors, specially trained, as well as students final year of law schools. Since ready courses and manuals for collection activities are practically absent, it is necessary to continually collect and interpret the experience of their own activities. 2. Alexander Vladimirovich, what technical facilities needed to provide collection services? First and foremost, is the availability of modern org. technology and its professional usage, vehicle fleet (at least 2-3 cars), the presence of Call-center equipped with multi-telephone numbers.