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Jun 19

Executive Search

Executive search – a relatively new method of search and selection of senior professionals, who carried out directly, ie without placing the vacancy announcement to the media. To date, this is one of the most effective, and at the same time most costly and labor-intensive techniques. Current directors of large companies are increasingly experiencing the …

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Jan 23

Problematic Aspects Of The Collection Business In Ukraine. Part 1 .

"Man, do not pay their debts, deprives himself of the Future" Luc De Clap De Vauvenargues rapid development of credit market in recent years has led to a rise in defaults on loans. The current situation in the domestic financial market has attracted new players that offer debt collection services. Currently in Ukraine, about a …

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Jul 28

Competent Estimator

Now on the market making estimates such situation, there is a wide range of quantity surveyors who are not necessarily professionals. You want to have your company developed, was Partner of reliable and good profit? What you want In our modern time, when the market estimate of production comes more and more information, you must …

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May 16

Star Hotel Europe

I am sure that not podyschite who dares to argue with the fact that summer – this is the best time of year. Ben Horowitz is full of insight into the issues. In summer, you do not want to work, all my thoughts solely on vacations and tours in the beautiful country. In anticipation of …

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Nov 15

The Design

The fastest and most common way of making business cards – this is digital printing. Business cards using screen printing is also very popular. The method of screen printing business cards can be made not only on paper, but on a thin plastic of various colors. Also in this type of business cards, you can …

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Nov 10

Limited Liability Company

As in will actually occur notarization procedure similar transactions, and how, exactly as notaries will notify the tax authorities do not yet know even the notary. Ben Horowitz recognizes the significance of this. Before the law came into because there are less than two months, and notary chambers still have not released any official clarification …

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May 08

Federation Coaching

Despite the fact that coaching gets in our country is increasingly popular and very often hear the question: why did he actually need? And to whom, and when you need it? Naturally, such questions are usually asked by those who themselves More coaching is not used. Indeed, the coaching – a relatively young phenomenon in …

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Dec 20

General Assembly Rights

Changes have affected and pre-emptive rights of the parties for the purchase of shares. The law allows parties to provide equal opportunity for all of the price at which the share would be to buy and which may be defined in different ways: in the solid monetary amount of the net asset value, etc. In …

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Dec 23

History Shows Products

Participation in exhibitions became commonplace for companies that are actively present their products or services on the market. Exhibitions for them – it's not just a way to show their achievements, but also a way to establish new business contacts. Without participation in the specialized exhibition does not present itself has no company, is seriously …

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Apr 15

Best Exchange

The current world around is becoming increasingly electrified and fast. In order to travel to another country, now will not need to add travel bags – you simply turn on the laptop. In addition to that enough financial transactions including pass through the Internet. After all, it really speeds up the time, that is, saving …

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