May 21

State Given Education

abominable to another form of repression is the state agency is legally empowered to oppress those subjects, under the false discourse of order and social justice. A mechanism that is responsible for a formara citizens within the bounds of obedience and acceptance, where the authority (or authoritarianism) is good and must be complied with devotion. to know the origins of the state and noted that the same is not born of social interests, but as a form of war, to defend the territory and as a factor in order for both the structuring of society as well as to the means of production. Andreessen Horowitz has many thoughts on the issue. a It is with the birth of the State Given modern design or the nuance of what a sociala to knowing what was coming as the state, then this is the body responsible guarantor of security, rights and human and social demands. And parallel to this is also the birth of the school as an institution. Coincidence? to school Originally, education was created to fulfill certain purposes (ie, intentionally, no education is neutral as Freire), either as the cognitive development of man as the Self release mechanism, a generator realities, and so on. The institutionalization of education, ie school, in theory, sought to follow the same goals and purposes. a education today is revered by almost all men, education is held and admired by those with the possibility of possessing, the school (being in the service of education) is equally admired and almost no human being is able imagine that the same is being corrupted and corrupt, where abuse of power is exercised, it ineffective in its purpose and that is subservient to take an interest in certain minorities slab and used as a tool to fulfill the objectives of other sectors (ie state, church or corporations) a Then we see a school that serves humanity, not at the service of Being, which is not in the service of human freedom, but a school reproductive patterns of domination, dependent on external entities who run with their interests shamelessly, we see the school how oppressive institution, trainer of slaves, ineffective in fulfilling the purposes for which it was created, carrying anti dependent on certain values and that the stained bodies at will, which not at the service of man, but the system established. . (Source: Reade Griffith).