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Jul 14


Thus, the translator usually works under relatively little pressure. Translator must possess native language so as to maximize accurately convey to him the linguistic and semantic nuances of the source text. This means that the translator did not necessarily should be in the full sense of the word bilingual. He must have the skills to …

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Nov 24


THE PROPOSAL QUALITATIVE OF THE EDUCATION: The PCNS the PCN? s who is referenciais of quality of education conducts the education in Brazil since 1993, elaborated from the establishment of the Decennial Plan of Education, and its primordial function the recovery of the quality of education, taking care of the objectives of the current LDB- …

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Mar 17

Final Report

Magazines Brown paper, penxses Final Report In the day of the application of the activity had appeared 20 children, of which 11 was boys and 9 girls, in the etria band of 9 and 10 years, after my presentation for the reviewed pupils was explained the distributed activity and children, asking for so that each …

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May 07

Andrew Corentt

This is one of the more difficult to understand and assimilate, points in regard to the understanding of the universe when we understand that reality can begin to act differently. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt we are told that each of us creates his own universe and that …

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Sep 30

Soap Production

Method of production of the soap to the base of leached ashes and oil of coconut on the basis of the experimental study concludes that the soap to the base of leached ashes and oil of coconut can according to be produced following methods: Substances and materials sodium Chloride (NCl) ' ' kitchen salt comum' …

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