Apr 11

Tank Information

According to large companies, this increases the competitiveness of the gas station. Kprimeru, Lukoil has released a whole a booklet with advice on the use of corporate identity for collaborating stations. This brochure is painted every detail: what size and color should be signs in some staff uniforms must be worn at any height to hang flags and even how to place the urn. So, you have to rebuild the stations in accordance with certain standards. Modifications can be very expensive – up to $ 150,000 to not spend money for nothing better from the outset to build gas stations under the "somebody".

Where and how much fuel to take an important element of the gasoline business – a close relationship with the tank farms and refineries. There can and wholesale prices povygodnee bargain, and the most convenient mode of receipt of the goods to build. For example, on a consignment basis. However, no matter how much flirting directly from the tank farms, yet experience shows that it is most advantageous to establish relations with a major oil company, which has as its oil tanks and other infrastructure. This ensures the quality of gasoline. To better focus in selling wholesale fuel prices, it is useful to use the Internet. Most complete and latest information – site. Daily information is worth about $ 50 However, there is a free way – through an Internet exchange for the purchase and sale of petroleum products (www.nge.ru). True, analytical information on market trends still available for the money.