Apr 12

Information Service

So it was in years past. Such a pattern is expected in the upcoming summer season. There is one promising area not addressed in this article – domestic tourism. But this is a topic for another conversation. Attract money paying compatriots and foreigners who wish to travel to Russia, much harder than selling overseas tours.

This requires the creation of a product to the world standards, it is very difficult: good hotels in this country is not enough, need skills foreign economic activity. Yes, and a license to a certificate in domestic tourism as a nd is not easy. Stages of a travel agent – Search for office. – Registration of legal person. Obtaining a license, hygienic certificate.

Certification Services "outbound tourism". – Registration of signs or outdoor advertising. – Office equipment, training of staff. – Study tour on hotels. – Visit the tourist exhibitions. – Conclusion contracts with tour operators. – Advertising in the press. – Submitting to the tour's first customers. Most popular countries among Russian tourists Following the summer season 2002, Turkey – 27,2% Spain – 11.2% Cyprus – 8.4% Croatia – 7.6% Egypt – 5.8% Russia – 5,6% Other countries (including Ukraine – 1,5%) – 34,2% Rate prepared banko Information Service "based on a survey of more than 600 travel agencies in Moscow. How much can you earn? Account Doll. to Wed for months. Percent of revenue in the sl. for months. Gross Revenue Expenditure 3500 100 3000 85,7%, including: – the rental of rooms (50 square meters. M) 1000 28.6% – for staff salaries (4 pers.) 1200 34,3% – to link 200 5.7 % – Advertising 500 14,3% – Other expenses 100 2.8% Operating profit (before taxes) 500 14,3% on the kind of financial results for the first year or two of work Moscow can expect a travel agency, selling an average of 50 rounds per month at an average price of about $ 700 (margin is usually 10%). It is assumed that it takes a cheap office outside the center and specializes in trips to Turkey, Spain and other popular countries. Higher profits (up to $ 1500 per month) appears after about two years, when forming a circle of permanent clients. The calculation was based on a poll Experts and entrepreneurs.