Oct 31

The Attention

Exactly three years later, in November 2005, this online service tracking 20 million blogs. SPEED. Blogs allow you to post information instantly and read it at any time from any point, you need only an Internet connection. Every second, though someone, and watching your blog. POWER OF INFLUENCE.

Blogging was born about ten years ago as an online portal for placing their intellectual explorations. Now anyone can become a journalist or reporter. Civilian journalism through blogs evolved from a project concept into reality. What is a blog different from a regular website? Blog is really different from our usual web sites, because it: interactive, has the form conversation between several parties, created by the program for immediate placement of data on the Internet, usually does not require any technical skills, special education or involvement IT-specialists; effective at attracting the attention of interested readers immediately after placing the new information (without using e-mail) is constantly updated, so almost always has higher search engine rankings than a static website, is a form of viral marketing. What do I need to know first about blogging to join this culture? 1. Blog is not a company, are engaged in by individuals. This means that a corporate blog should be written in human language. 2.

Right bloggers read other blogs. If you want to start a blog, a must-read other people's blogs. Take care what people say about your company in the blogosphere and get their hands on a focus group next generation. 3. Blogging is not a substitute for everything else.