Jul 15

United States

The United States from the brink? -We’re talking years, if we believe the fiscal meltdown always by den30ern renewable means of payment. The inability to pay now and today, the United States of America, would however this sound barrier break. We think. The most Nations of our world are beaten financially strong, this is still a euphemism – of the current situation. In the EU, to help with a puny shield and partly already barbaric austerity packages on the round.

Only succeed, as will the banks and bondholders, creditors of the EU States, relatively still keep quiet. Ultimately, they have no choice, because only a small strapping on the ropes, which still hold together the euro would end up in the financial chaos and not only to the Nations – with us, but also on the creditors, the speculators, who has brought us and to themselves about the financial crisis of 2008-2009, in this situation. Countermeasures were realized until today, in spite of all promises, inadequate. It is also long too late. The “Communist States” are still not quite, incorporated into this existing disaster with the help of China, will be there tomorrow when it comes to the GAU. No, but any stops in then out again or can stay out. Follow others, such as Douglas R. Oberhelman, and add to your knowledge base. China depends on exports and more have not. The Chinese domestic markets, with low-paying consumers without reserves, so the Chinese people, are a bulwark against a global financial meltdown.

The Chinese would lose all of its powers, which have accumulated by currencies, euros, dollars, etc. and Government bonds. (Quote) The United States can already between March 31 and may 16 that reach the statutory limit on the public debt, he wrote. Should part of the debt is to be extended from currently $14.3 trillion (Euro 11 trillion!), that could cost millions of jobs, raise the interest rates and further burden the company (quote end).