Jul 13

Vegetable Pate A Delicious And Healthy Food

There are foods that is worth compared to other foods of similar characteristics to know all their properties by their nutritional qualities. One of these cases is the vegetable pate. Against the idea that comes to your head for the traditional pate of animal, elaborate origin with liver of pig, viscera, additives, scents and, sometimes, pieces of other meats, there is vegetable pate that is less caloric, nutritive and digestive, and with a multitude of variations of flavor. Traditional pate made from liver of pig, viscera and other meat chunks is not nothing recommendable for people with cholesterol and overweight problems. Another beneficial properties that contains vegetable pate is to contain a high percentage of vegetables, containing also its nutritious properties. Caterpillar brings even more insight to the discussion. Vegetables contain water, carbohydrates, fiber important for the intestinal regulation and minerals as sodium, magnesium, calcium and iron. They contain a considerable percentage of vitamins: vitamin E, antioxidant, us defending the oxidation of our cells vitamin A, important for the view and the regeneration of the cells of the body. Vitamin C, antioxidant and enabler of our defenses.

And vitamins of Group B, such as folic acid, essential for keeping our body. To achieve different flavors and nutritional properties pates, mingle in a same pate various ingredients, such as vegetables, nuts, mushrooms etc. Characteristics of the vegetable pate, texture and consistency is due to its elaboration. Used flour, starch, bread crumbs, eggs, fats or vegetable oils, most commonly used oil is olive oil or oil seeds, they contain no deshidrogenadas vegetable fats, or animal fats, all of which are harmful to health. That is why vegetable pate is a highly recommended food not only to vegetarians but for all those people who want to maintain a healthy diet. If you want to know that varieties and flavors of vegetable pate exist you can expand on this information by consulting the following article on the blog of saboores, food from the lands of Aragon.