Jul 13

Water and Floor Heating Systems

Plates for low temperature water heating system floor system is a low-temperature underfloor water heating for residential, office, warehouse and other buildings. The advantage of this method of heating is to maintain the temperature difference from floor to ceiling close to the ideal. Heating element are pipes circulating hot water on them, are laid under the floor. The principal difference between this system from radiator systems is the relatively low temperature of the coolant, a total of 30-50oC. In floor heating system pipes but includes sewers, risers, distribution, valves and control valves in Complete with automatic control devices, allows you to compose any of the heating system and thus maintain the desired indoor climate parameters. An important element, in addition to the pipe with coolant in the system "warm floor" is the warming of the substrate. The heat brought hot water, not only heats the air in the room, but the basis of sex.

And if you do not want to heat the apartment, located below heat foundation or ground, care should be taken on an effective insulation base floor. The best solution here is to use a special floor plates. The advantage of these plates, compared with other methods of insulation, in addition to excellent heat-parameters is the availability of special projections, and provide a record layout trub.V modern floor heating systems use pipes made of polypropylene polymer, polybutene and cross-linked polyethylene. Polymer pipes have high strength, resistance to thermal aging, ductile and flexible. So the pipes are not afraid of corrosion, cracks, or narrowing of the internal diameter by deposits.