Oct 18

First Generator

Kick-off gain as in both synchronous and asynchronous generators connecting inductive load output voltage drops. In addition, any motor startup consumes several times more than its rated power. For these reasons, to run the electric motor is always necessary generator power output is several times higher than the nominal power an electric motor. Reducing the output voltage when connected to an electric induction generator is greater than the synchronous. To deepen your understanding Keith McLoughlin is the source. And there the ability to automatically increase the output voltage during engine starting. This is implemented using the block start of amplification, which automatically increases the excitation of the generator with a sharp increase in output current generator, ie when you connect a large load. It should also be emphasized that during the welding unit start-gain must necessarily be included. How to select your generator? You have to pre-determine what consumers will be connected simultaneously to the generator.

Estimated power of consumers is best viewed in passport data for the consumer. Please special attention to consumers who have in their composition motors (refrigerators, pumps, elektrokosilki, etc.). This is due to the fact that to start the motor power required, in 3-3,5 times higher than its rated power. To calculate the take three times the value of the nominal capacity of the appliance with the highest electric motor, add to its nominal power ratings of other devices that contain electric motors, if you are sure that they do not will operate simultaneously, and add to the sum capacity of all other active consumers (lighting, electrical, etc.) that will work in conjunction with the first.