Sep 11

Foreign Language

Valencia. The boom experienced by the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language in the last decade has not been parallel to an increase in the specific training of specialized teachers. The faculties of Philology, translation, the schools of teaching, etc. do not have in their curricula with a specific curricular program oriented to the training of teachers of ELE. Those who wish to orient their training towards the teaching of the Spanish to foreigners only have available courses offered by various institutions, such as the Cervantes Institute or its network of centres accredited.

Costa de Valencia, school of Spanish, as accredited Center of the Instituto Cervantes offers these weeks one of these workshops within its plan of continuous training of its personnel. Organized in specific workshops, classes are taught by professors from the Faculty of philology of the University of Valencia and from the same school of Spanish with many years of experience in the teaching of the language. In addition, by the afternoon, also held educational workshops carried out by major publishing houses devoted to the Spanish for foreigners, Edelsa, diffusion, SM, and Anaya SGEL. The objectives of the workshop are, above all, provide participants basic tools for the development of the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language with an approach eminently practical and analyze the various instruments and teaching techniques for the development of the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language classroom. The course is aimed at teachers of Spanish as a foreign language who wish to broaden their education, whether Spanish or not, Spanish Philology students who are pursuing their latest subjects and graduates. The course of training of teachers of Spanish participants have the possibility to perform actual practices at the Academy and, after completion of the course, becoming a part of the teaching team of the Spanish School. The increasing demand makes it offers this practical course of / you up to five times a year, being the next call at the end of this month of July.