Jun 27

Guardian Angel

A tremendous disappointment was that they focused presentation order direct from school and others who did not have because calling them until the city of Chilpancingo, being that he succeeded in Taxco, so at the last came out with faramalla that did not demand, while another made the complaint against Abraham Ponce Guadarrama, by having falsified a record of cabildo which supposedly allowed him proselytize in working hourchecking other electoral offence, nothing they did. FEPADE is a white elephant.! At the time also submit complaint against the Candidate to Governor loser Hector Astudillo Flores, by another flagrant electoral crime, nothing made him also. But this case is nothing compared with so many complaints that are made and documented properly but as they are in complicity and the order of Ruben Figueroa, simply not appropriate anything against them, so in the same way there was complicity of electoral councils where help twist the election results. For its part the complicity of the IFE, in recent elections in October, where the sanctions is counterproductive is also evident and to stimulants to trample on laws, an example is the sanction imposed to the Foundation PRI: Guardian Angel which is used jealously for electoral purposes fined 82,200 weights that presides over Julieta Anorve Fernandez and its similar heart of Angel that presides over Angel Aguirre Riverois operating in the same manner for electoral purposes. Likewise the fine of 191 thousand 800 pesos imposed to the PRI, by violating the election law, it is laughable that economically punish the violations of the law, everything is at stake, there is no money that can compensate the damage.

Why the PRI snatch power to have money and do what they please with the laws. These complaints for violation of the electoral law, comes out also complicity and servility of the media’s biggest in influence as Televisa and Tv Azteca, radio and local television, which passed spot in favor of the PRI, from 2 to 6 October, were exonerated, and although they had sanctioned them, surely it would have been at least to what WINS to serve him to corruption. If sanctions were the lost cargo and up to registration of party, another thing very serious. Then then if everything have manipulated and controlled, what we expect with this information is to make the people aware of how badly they do serve to corruption, and with abstentionism, better we put our grain of sand to avoid that the disgrace still governed in Guerrero and Mexico. Comments: Original author and source of the article.