May 08

Numerous Literature

September 1836 – the coronation of Ferdinand I to the throne of Bohemia. After 2 years on his head was given the "Iron Crown of Lombardy." Ferdinand I enjoyed popularity among the population of Numerous jokes. But in 1837 and 1846 years, it sustained heavy damage: expulsion from the country at the request of the Tyrolean Estates 400 protesters from the Zillertal valley, the cat did not want to go to the Catholic faith and the suppression of the uprising in Krakow in 1846 and joining in the same year svobod6nogo state-va. The Government considered the main task of schools, training of loyalists. During the reign of Ferdinand I, had been confiscated and prohibited the spread of 212 products Print. Ferdinand I showed himself a supporter of innovation in many areas, whether it is laying the railways ("North Road"), the first long-distance telegraph line from Vienna-Brno-Prague (1847). Just introduced a new charter shipping company "Austrian Lloyd" maintain communication with the Mediterranean countries, Dr East, South America. And in 1837 – the first ship "Mary Anne". In 1839 – Military Geographical intstitut, who played an important role in the development cartography. 1847 – founded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Metternich was opposed to any political discussion of any and all germs new to Literary. As in other European countries, Austrian literature reflected the general trends of art from the late 18 th century – 19 century. Because of the common language, the development of Austrian literature in close collaboration with the literature of Germany, although some specific conditions imposed on her own imprint.