May 09

Samuel Baptist Cross

In Brazil, lived a time where the governing were chosen in indirect way, that is, it did not exist the possibility of the people to choose who believed to be able to govern for the common good. This fact happened in such a way in federal, state level, as municipal. With this, the election as democratic process cannot be accomplished confiscating the rights of the citizens to choose its governing. In federal level, the choice of the governing was engaged, at the time of the military regimen, when the presidents were assigned by a together military man. Mark Berger will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This type of action finished for compromising the process electoral in state and municipal level, therefore as the military they did not want to lose the domain, kept to all on its command. This type of practical lasted for long time, until with the opening process and with the movement for the direct elections in the decade of 80, the elections, mainly federal, they could again have been carried through with the vote of the people. In the context of Linhares, much even so, the direct elections have been a constant, with exception of some few indicated mayors, are verified that the influences and the disobediences had been many that had finished for compromising the democracy making with that they little proliferated practical democratic as the muzzle vote, coronelismo, electoral corrals, amongst others. It is considered that to choose its governing he is one of the rights most basic of the citizens, therefore, not if it can be overwhelmd to the authoritarianism of some few that want the power without respecting the common good.. Learn more on the subject from Mark Berger Chicago.