Aug 06

The Article

Appetizing. So in conclusion is thus: Yes, your cart affects obviously to divest its amount of carbon dioxide, but animal production, gives off nitrous oxide, and methane, which, although it is less well known is much more harmful than the previous. Furthermore, have you ever seen you some documentary about the atrocious way they mercilessly kill these animals? They say that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, or everyone would have to kill his own flesh, everyone would be vegetarian. To begin, the entire procedure prior to his cruel death, is done without anesthesia: you know already cut tail, teeth, ears, castration in pigs. In cows, marked to iron, dehorning, among others.

And when apparently it comes time, they do not have nor a death worthy as a living being, neither a quick nor painless, quite the contrary. And you know what? You eat you all that crap of life he lived, that tension, that bitterness and that stress. A delight. You don’t want to not see the truth, does not want to hide once you know it. I’m not saying that everyone is It should make vegetarian, but why not start by a day. On a day that we decide not to eat meat, we are providing something incredible to our planet. A day of the week, that you like, you refrain from eating meat.

And happy day without meat. Do not do the planet, do not do it by the people for a better future, or by animals, because although you want, as a human being, it is something beyond our understanding. But do it for you. For your health. Original author and source of the article.